Einen sehr schönen Artikel mit diesem Titel habe ich auf thinkvitamin.com gefunden (via Wolfgang Sommergut). Ryan Carson schreibt über die „social media bubble“ (Ausdruck von Tom Coates von Yahoo!): „The problem is that I just don?t have time to use all of these amazing apps, and I?m guessing you might not too.“ Und weiter: „I?ve got a million things to do and I?m constantly battling to keep on top of my inbox and RSS reader.“ Und schließlich bringt er es auf den Punkt: „One thing?s for sure, in my experience once you get to the ‚career stage‘ of your life everthing changes. You?re looking to simplify your life and solve your current problems. In a way, you have to become more selfish with your time. If something doesn?t directly help you, your family, or those you love, it?s probably going to fall to the bottom of your priorities.“