Ich bin immer wieder gescholten worden, dass ich viel Zeit damit verbracht habe, mir Statistiken über die Zugriffe auf meine Internetprojekte anzusehen.

Nirav Mehta von 37signals schreibt heute im hauseigenen Blog Signal vs. Noise:

The only way to know what ?normal? is when it comes to your data is to look at it, a lot. Look at graphs of different things over different time periods, review log files, read customer emails?be the most voracious consumer of new information and data that you can. Keep finding that next source of information.

Try to spend an hour a day consuming new data ? just reading it in, absorbing it, maybe making some notes. It doesn?t need to be for any specific investigation of the moment, but it will pay dividends down the line. This is very similar to the ?Rule of 10,000 hours? and other notions of ?Just do, a lot?.

Leo Babauta schreibt dagegen diese Woche auf zenhabits.net:

If you are so focused on the results, the activity becomes only a means to an end. That makes the activity less enjoyable, and therefore less sustainable over the long run. I?ve become fitter than ever by not tracking, but instead enjoying being active. I?ve grown my site more now that I don?t track stats, but instead enjoy the writing. Over the long run, not tracking is better.

Der Erfolg gibt beiden recht.